Welcome to the Firefox OS Participation Hub, your launchpad to participate in the Firefox OS project.

With the release of Firefox OS 2.5, you can now easily participate and take advantage of Mozilla's mobile OS: hack it to match your needs, use it as a platform for innovation, port it to any device you want. Give back to the project by providing feedback and ideas, contributing code and improving the features you care about.

Join a vibrant open source community and make Firefox OS a platform for innovation that will unlock the power of the web on mobile and connected devices.

Find out how you can install Firefox OS on your device, and ways to get involved.


Our goal is to make Firefox OS available to as many people as possible. That means enabling Firefox OS to run on existing hardware. If you’re interested in learning new skills or if you are already adept at porting, we’d love for you to get involved.

Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview is an Android app that replaces the core Android homescreen with an alternate Firefox OS experience.